Embracing All Bumps | Maternity Active Wear

Looking for cute and comfortable maternity activewear? You’ve found it.

Launched by sisters Carena and Bex West in 2017, CLIQUE is not just another activewear brand. Focused on fostering an inclusive, supportive, encouraging environment for all women, no matter the stage they are on in their fitness journey, CLIQUE began with simple compression tights and has now expanded into a huge size-inclusive range of tights, bras, shorts and more. This year the sisters embarked on a new journey and launched CLIQUE Maternity to provide comfort and style for pregnant and postpartum mamas.

How it started…

“When I was pregnant I wore my CLIQUE tights right through my pregnancy – albeit a size larger than normal!” says Carena. “I loved the way they supported my stomach and back, but I wished that we had something a little more comfortable around the tummy for when I just didn’t feel like squeezing my tights on over the bump.” Carena says when she and Bex set out to design a maternity range, they wanted to create “the most comfortable maternity tights that ever existed.” Offering compression support to legs and ankles, a perfect fit at the hips to stop the tights from sliding down and becoming baggy at the crotch, and a soft, stretchy tummy band. “Of course, they had to be environmentally friendly, too!” she says.

The design process…

The process from start to finish took a long time – sourcing fabrics, sampling and resampling, who would have thought that my daughter Emily would be two-and-a-half by the time we finally released them?” says Carena. “Time flies!” The CLIQUE Maternity range is constructed using two distinct fabrics. The base (from the hips down) is made from CLIQUE’s popular classic compression fabric, so you can have the “CLIQUE” feeling right through your pregnancy. The hip area is specially shaped to avoid the dreaded sag down that many maternity tights inevitably get from having less hip support. The waistband is a buttery-soft recycled fabric that is so comfortable to wear, can be folded down and has a hidden drawstring that you can use to tighten over your tummy if needed. “Our maternity tights feature a leg pocket – the same as our power compression range – because who doesn’t need a pocket, right?” says Carena. “As with our Power, Dynamic and Zone collections, CLIQUE Maternity fabrics are all made from post-consumer recycled plastics.”

The result…

The CLIQUE maternity range features full-length and 7/8 tights, as well as classic biker shorts and mid-length bikers. “Comfort and functionality were our two biggest concerns,” says Carena. “We wanted to make maternity wear that you don’t have to keep pulling up when you are going about your day-to-day activities or exercising, but that isn’t too tight on your growing stomach!”

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