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Clothes, linen, booties, nappies – how does one small human need so much? Here are five simple ideas for nursery storage from Wardrobes Online.

When planning the layout of your baby’s room, choose furniture pieces that are versatile and will stand the test of time. Having an established wardrobe organiser built inside a wardrobe not only makes it easier to keep things tidy, but it also takes away the need for bulky bedroom furniture taking up precious space. Here are some top nursery storage ideas to create a practical and effective space.

Drawer Tower

Having drawers inside the wardrobe means there is less furniture on display, giving more of a minimalist look to the room, leaving more space for your wee one to play. Wardrobes Online’s drawer systems also offer ventilated access to help airflow within the wardrobe system. Hanging rails are included which are great for baby’s outfit of the day and to display your favourite clothes. And lastly, the top shelf storage offers space to keep out-of-season clothes and linen, soft toys or keepsakes you don’t require daily.

Mini Shelf Tower

Mini shelf towers are a fantastic option to store nappies, wipes, swaddles, blankets and books. Place some storage cubes inside to hide any unwanted clutter. Perfect for very small wardrobes, or used in conjunction with a full wardrobe system for extra cubby-like storage.


A simple shelving storage organiser such as the Evolve Shelf Tower is great for smaller wardrobes. Add storage baskets to keep things looking tidy, along with some cute trinkets to finish the room off nicely.


Sliding doors are such a superb space- saving option! They don’t encroach on the room space and offer quick and easy access into the wardrobe. Optional mirror doors instantly make a room feel bigger and brighter, and they are always a hit with kids who just love to watch their own reflection or play dress- ups… just be prepared for the fingerprints!


The Aspire 1500 is the perfect height for children as they grow to store their books or display Lego creations. The three drawers also allow them to store any small toys such as cars, blocks or any trinkets we all know they love to collect. Aspire is 1.5m high, which easily slots under an existing top shelf and rail – perfect for customers that want a super-easy wardrobe unit to simply place in the wardrobe and go!

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