Gender reveal ideas

Revealing the gender of your baby to your family and friends can be a really fun event (deep down, don’t we all love to be the bearer of a little secret!). We’ve found some cute and creative ideas to make your reveal a little special. 

Confetti poppers

Gather a stash of confetti poppers and let them off for your friends and family. Make sure you have a camera at the ready for the photo opportunity. 


Set up some balloons on a board painted with white female shapes. Fill all but one balloon with white paint, and then fill the remaining one with either pink or blue (depending on your baby’s gender). Then see who will be the first to pop the ‘belly’ to reveal the gender. 

Sibling tees

If this baby isn’t your first, let the oldest sibling announce the gender. Buy some t-shirts and babygrows that say Big Sister or Brother and Little Sister or Brother. 


Ask your favourite baker to bake either a blue or pink cake (or cupcakes) topped with white icing. The gender will be revealed once the cake is cut open.

Smoke bomb

A smoke bomb, while a little theatrical, is a great way to reveal the gender of your baby.

Sports mad

If your hubby or partner is either sports mad or an athlete, incorporate their enthusiasm or skills into the gender reveal. Just like Laura McGoldrick and hubby Martin Guptill did by hitting open a balloon filled with pink powder with his cricket bat.

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