Pink or blue

Pink or blue

While we make no claims about the accuracy or legitimacy of these pregnancy-related old wives’ tales, myths, and legends, they sure are fun to put to the test!

High or low

If you’re carrying your baby low, it’s said to be a boy – but if you’re carrying high, you’re having a girl. Also, if you carry out in front, it’s said to be a boy; while carrying more “in” and close to your body is said to be a girl.

Dry hands

If the skin on your hands is dry, this means you’re having a boy.

Acne and blemishes

If your skin is prone to breakouts while you’re pregnant, you’re carrying a girl, as girls are said to “steal your beauty”. How…kind?

Cold feet

Cold feet are another sign of having a boy, so if you feel you need extra socks, you might have a boy on the way.

Ring test

This one only works with a plain wedding band. Tie it to a string and have a friend suspend it over your tummy. If it swings back and forth, you’re having a girl; swinging in circles means you’re having a boy.

Hands up

Put your hands out in front of you. If they’re palm up, you’re having a girl; while if your hands are palm down, it’s a boy.


Ask your midwife to tell you your baby’s heart rate when you’re at an antenatal appointment. If your baby’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, you may be having a boy; while a heart beating faster than 140 beats per minute indicates a girl.

Sympathy weight gain

If your spouse is also gaining pregnancy weight, legends say that this means you’re carrying a girl.

Bad morning sickness

If you have terrible morning sickness, particularly in the first trimester, this indicates you’re having a girl. If you’re not sick at all, you’re having a boy.

Keyed up

Get a friend to place a key in front of you. If you pick it up by the top part, you’re having a boy; while picking it up by the notched bottom part means you’re having a girl.

Face up to it

If your face gets fuller and rounder while you’re pregnant, you’re having a girl, but if it looks long and narrow, you’re having a boy.


This one is a little bit weird. Eat a clove of raw garlic. If you can smell it on your skin later, it’s a boy. If you don’t smell it, you’re having a girl.

The legs have it

If you gain weight in your legs, you’re having a boy; but if they stay slim, it’s a girl.

Moody blues

If you’re happy and cheerful when you’re pregnant, you’re having a boy; but if you’re moody and grumpy, it’s a girl.

Grace for girls

If you’re graceful and move easily throughout pregnancy, this means you’re having a girl, while becoming clumsy and unwieldy indicates a boy.

Side by side

Which side do you prefer to lie on? If it’s your left side, you’re having a boy; while if you rest on your right side, you’re having a girl.

Hairy legs

If you find the hair on your legs is growing faster or thicker than usual, you might be having a boy.

Sweet or sour

If you’re craving chocolate, lollies, and sweet things, this means you’re having a girl (“sugar and spice and all things nice”, apparently). If you crave salty or sour foods, this means you’re having a boy.

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