Your Baby

Getting to know your newborn is so sweet. Advice for new mums and dads about newborn care, crying, breastfeeding, baby bathing and skincare, newborn sleep, baby health, first immunisations, colic, reflux and more!

Your guide to: Sterilising

Do you really need to sterilise your breast pump parts or your baby’s bottles? How, and how often? What equipment do you need?

Solving your baby’s sleep problems

Has your baby developed a sleep issue that you’re not entirely certain how to solve? Check out these common sleep scenarios and our suggestions for sorting them out.

Best ever routine for tired mums

Ben Warren of holistic health and nutrition company BePure answers that age-old question asked by mums everywhere: “why am I so tired, and how can I get more energy?”

Safety first

What’s safe to do during breastfeeding, and what’s not? We set the record straight.

Decoding your baby’s cries

Newborns cry because they don’t have any other way to tell us what they need or if something is wrong. But how are you supposed to understand them when you don’t speak their language? Katie Thomas explains.

Advice and how to ignore it

But when helpful strangers tell me how I must treasure everything — even when witnessing the foot stamping that occurs when I break the cheese the wrong way — all this does is compound the mother’s guilt that we/I should be doing more.

Does your baby have reflux

Does your baby cry and cry and cry, seemingly inconsolable? He might be suffering from reflux, says Midwife Cath in this extract from her book After the First Six Weeks.

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