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Mammas Milk Bar - Superfoods for Supermums

Natural, healthy support for pregnancy and postpartum by Kiwi mum and owner of Mamma’s Milk Bar, Wendy Poon.

When Auckland mum-of-twoWendy Poon gave birth to her first child, she found that breastfeeding wasn’t as easy as she thought. Tired and struggling from low milk supply, Wendy searched for natural and healthy ways to boost milk production without relying on sweet lactation treats. Coming up empty-handed and tired of being unable to find a healthier alternative to deliver lactation support, Wendy started making my own blends with and 100% natural ingredients and Mamma’s Milk Bar was born.


Made in New Zealand with no artificial ingredients, the Mamma’s Milk Bar range includes products for…


Moon Milk: A truly premium hot chocolate infused with adaptogenic superfoods such as organic amla berry and organic mekabu wakame (seaweed), made gentle enough to ease the tension of motherhood from conception to breastfeeding to postpartum.


Ginger Drops: The 100% natural PremiumGinger Drops are made from New ZealandManuka Multifloral Honey – knownfor its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Lemon Sour Drops: Made from New Zealand Manuka Multifloral Honey, freeze-dried lemon and Echinacea extract.


Premium Whey Protein: Made from pure, natural New Zealand whey powder and suitable for both pregnant and breastfeeding mums, they are safe, clean and 100% natural (including real vanilla beans and real cocoa powder).

Pea Premium Protein: Vegan-friendly, this protein powder is made with the best Golden European Peas, unflavoured and unsweetened with a hint of coconut. Easy to use in your everyday routine as a boost to your needs.


Lactation Blend: Vegan-friendly, soy-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, low in sugar and available in flavours such as chocolate, salted caramel, coconut and vanilla toffee. Each blend includes 100% natural yummy ingredients such as New Zealand Oats, Dutch Cocoa, Real Vanilla Beans, Organic Coconut Sugar and more.

Lactation Chai Latte: Packed withAyurvedic galactogogues-rich ingredients such as black tea, ginger, and rich inMCT’s and organic coconut cream to help with fattier milk to keep baby fed.


Supermum SuperGreens+: The new Supergreens blend uses fermented superfoods to unlock prebiotic properties and key minerals and vitamins to support your nutritional needs through your motherhood journey.

Supermum SuperReds+: The special antioxidant and prebiotic blend combines ingredients including organic NewZealand blackcurrants, organic fermented grape skin, organic acai fruit, organic maqui fruit, organic green banana, organic camu-camu and a few more other amazingly nutritious ingredients.


Golden Milk: Supporting immunity, boosting energy, supporting hormones and mood, and aiding digestion with the goodness of adaptogenic ingredients such as organic ginger, turmeric, organic shatavari and organic lucama.

Pregnancy and postpartum health

Mamma’s Milk Bar aims to support Kiwi women both during and post-pregnancy with protein and lactation blends to ensure all mums are at optimum health.

“Pregnant women require extra protein in their diet to meet her own needs – replenish dead skin cells, fight infection and digest food,” says Wendy. “However, she is also growing another human from scratch and this tiny human needs to form all of its organs and begin to produce antibodies and hormones. Its muscles will develop, and the baby will start to move. Synapses in your baby’s brain begin to form connections. All of these things require proteins. The third trimester is the period of prenatal development with the most rapid growth, so the increased protein requirement is especially important.”

Wendy says eating well in the postpartum period is also super-important for your own health and, if you’re breastfeeding, for your baby’s growth and development.“Having a healthy diet can help postpartum recovery. A nutrient-dense diet full of complex carbs, fibre, healthy fats and protein, plus adequate hydration, can help heal your body, promote breastmilk production and support overall wellbeing and mood during the fourth trimester as a mum finds her way around motherhood.”

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