Time to Buy? It’s so exciting to finally go shopping for everything you and your baby will need, but there are so many products out there! Check out our reviews to make the shopping experience easier.

The cool new kids on the nappy block

The funky design of white “kisses” on a green background is a major selling point for parents who prefer the more stylish look and feel of Rascal+Friends nappies

Too Cute to cover

Kiwi mums are loving Rascal + Friends nappies for their rascal bums! Proudly NZ owned and designed for the most stylish rascal around.

high chair

Childcare POD Timber High Chair

A high chair is a must-have on every new parent’s list of baby gear, and the POD Timber High Chair is an item that will last beyond the baby years because of its three-in-one versatility.


Every mum has baby wipes in her handbag, the nappy bag, the centre console in the car, and pretty much in every room of the house

Crib circle

Chicco Next 2 Me Crib

A side-sleeping bassinet which allows you to more safely sleep next to your baby – you in your bed, baby in theirs.


Osprey Poco AG Plus

When your back and hips hurt, hiking isn’t fun – especially when you’ve got a squirmy little one on your back

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