The whole nine months of pregnancy explained! Find out about choosing a midwife, pregnancy health, morning sickness, exercise during pregnancy, what’s safe to eat, your growing bump, your baby’s movements, and preparing for baby.

Tea for two

Herbal tea is more than just a refreshing or soothing drink for pregnant mums. Drinking the right herbal tea can really help with pregnancy symptoms

10 ways to treat back pain

Ouch, my aching back! Is your back killing you, and is the pain getting worse as your pregnancy progresses?

Protecting yourself and your baby

Pregnancy is a time when many mothers – and often their partners, too – will take extra care with their diet, their sleep, and other things that will give them and their unborn baby the best start in life.

How to improve your digestion, bowel health and regularity

The tips for success listed below make a massive difference to the state of your bowels. Your bowel health then influences your metabolism, your energy levels, your skin, your digestion, your weight, your ageing and your potential longevity.

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but also a time when you really need to look after yourself – not only your diet, but your general health and wellbeing too.

Finding an LMC you like

For pregnant mums, a good relationship with your LMC – that’s shorthand for “lead maternity caregiver” – is vital. Here’s how to choose an LMC you connect with.

How to: take the perfect preggy selfie

Documenting your baby bump is the perfect way to forever capture the special moments and memories of pregnancy that both you and your child can look back on years later.

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