The whole nine months of pregnancy explained! Find out about choosing a midwife, pregnancy health, morning sickness, exercise during pregnancy, what’s safe to eat, your growing bump, your baby’s movements, and preparing for baby.

Pink or blue

Pink or blue

While we make no claims about the accuracy or legitimacy of these pregnancy-related old wives’ tales, myths, and legends, they sure are fun to put to the test!

A to Z of pain relief

A to Z of pain relief

Stressing about labour pain? Here are 26 options for coping with the pain of childbirth

10 pregnancy facts

From why twins could in fact be half-brothers or half-sisters, to why you need to monitor your baby’s movements … here are 10 facts about pregnancy you need to know!

Folic acid

It’s vital to understand the importance of regular folic acid intake both before and during pregnancy

Preparing for a new baby

Sometimes during your pregnancy you may not have the energy, but you won’t regret it if you take a tip from the Boy Scouts and BE PREPARED

Feeding the bump

AUT’s Human Potential Centre has recently made recommendations to the Ministry of Health updating New Zealand’s dietary guidelines. Co-author of these recommendations, nutritionist Cliff Harvey, gives us the latest view on how best to eat for two

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